Power for Life

The Latest Book from Jeff Leake

Many people are curious and yet confused about the baptism in the Holy Spirit. It involves a discussion about “speaking in tongues” and raises all sorts of questions. Based on a solid biblical foundation, and written in an easily accessible style, Power for Life answers those questions and many more. It helps every believer understand who they are in Christ and who the Holy Spirit is within their lives.



Praying with Confidence

In Praying with Confidence, you’ll find an easy-to-follow guide to improve your prayer time. Over the course of thirty-one days, author Jeff Leake provides tips and patterns to help you develop a new discipline of prayer. Each day features a unique prayer pattern based on well-known prayers throughout the Bible

God in Motion

"Where is God?" Have you been there? Do you have more questions than answers? In this book, Jeff Leake gives a wealth of insight and encouragement. He doesn’t promise instant solutions. He offers much more. Jeff reminds us that even when God seems inactive, unaware, or indifferent, He’s not. He’s always in motion behind the scenes to accomplish His wonderful (if sometimes mysterious) purposes.


The Question that Changed My Life

What are the questions that have changed your life? For Jeff Leake, president of the Reach Northeast church planting network, the question that changed his life—and the lives of thousands--came in November of 1996. In this FREE resource, the third in Exponential’s new series focusing on church multiplication, Leake shares the story of why and how he has led Allison Park Church to become a multiplication center.