What Does My City Need?


Recently, I have been spending some additional time in prayer and beginning some research into the needs of the city of Pittsburgh.  

What is unique about my life is that I have been living in this city for 49 of my 54 years.  I have been the Lead Pastor in this city for 27 of those years.  The church that I pastor has been planting churches in this city since 1996, and we have now planted eleven churches and (soon to be) four campuses in our region.  Seventeen years ago, we launched a non-profit to serve our city called Network Of Hope. Suffice it to say - I have been engaged in trying to do what I can do to meet needs, and love people and serve my community.

Here's my challenge.  It is so easy to assume that you are getting things done just because of what you have done already.  We can credit ourselves with making more of a difference than what we are making, simply because we are resting on our past labors.

So I have been asking God, in a fresh way, 'what can I do for this region?'  'How can I use my influence, my relationships, and my gifts to serve this area better?' 

  • There are 1400 kids who need Foster Care in Allegheny County.  And there are not enough homes available for them.
  • There is a growing opioid addiction problem all across our region - and this issue is affecting teens and families in a devastating way.
  • There are communities in our region with growing 'food insecurity'  needs.

These are just a few of the regional issues that I feel a growing concern and desire to do something about.   In the fall, I am planning on hosting a roundtable for some pastors and leaders in our city to talk about what we can do together to serve our city.

I want to challenge you to pray some fresh prayers for the region in which you live.  May God give us the ability to make a difference in Jesus name!

Kat Kelley