It’s A Momentum Thing!

John Maxwell uses the example, ‘A train travelling 55 mph on a railroad track can crash through a 5-foot thick steel-reinforced concrete wall without stopping. That same train, starting from a stationary position, won’t be able to go through an  inch-thick block in front of the driving wheel.’

When you have momentum in any area of your life, steward it well.  Momentum makes everything in life so much easier.

This is what I sense is happening right now within Allison Park Church.  There is a sense of spiritual momentum both corporately and personally.  Many are fasting and praying, exercising, eating better.  So many are showing up for weekend services, every service was packed out this past week.  We had 224 people show up on Saturday morning to go through the School Of Healing with Johannes Amrtizer.  There is genuine anticipation that God is going to meet us in a powerful way by demonstrating Himself to us in the miraculous.

So let’s keep it going!


There is nothing quite like the clarity and sharpness that comes from concentration together in a season of prayer and fasting.


This coming Wednesday night we are meeting together for a season of corporate worship and prayer and to hear God’s Word together.  I will be speaking at the Deer Lakes Campus and Brian Bolt at the Hampton Campus.  Next Wednesday, is our Sacred Assembly and we want to pack the place with people hungry for God.


I am feeling so much stronger.  Eating healthy.  Exercising.  Praying.  Remember you don’t have to be perfect.  So don’t focus on perfection, just focus on progress.

FINALLY – this weekend we will complete the ALL IN series.  I am looking forward to sharing the final message in this series about how all major breakthrough’s begin.

Kat Kelley