What To Do With A Prophetic Word?

Just a few days ago, a man of God felt that God had a ‘word’ of prophesy for my future and my life. I believe that the gift of prophesy is for today. The Holy Spirit speaks through the life of a surrendered believer and provides encouragement that is aimed to build up, bind up, and lift up.

A prophetic word is often futuristic. When we speak, we speak of what we know. We only know the past and the present. Our worldview is shaped primarily by what we have seen and experienced. But God speaks to us from what He knows. He knows, not only the past and the present, but he also knows the future.

Prophesy is God speaking to us from the future. He declares what He knows will happen. He declares what He knows we will become. He provides these ‘words’ to give us insight into what to pray, what to seek out, and how to begin to obey.

But prophesy does not provide us with an entirely complete picture. We only get a small glimpse into what God has in mind. Once we receive this prophetic message, we then have to activate what God has said to us. How?


When prophetic things were spoken over baby Jesus to Mary, the Bible tells us that ‘Mary pondered these things in her heart.’ What she was told was too fantastic to even totally understand at the moment. So she just meditated on it and waited on God for more complete understanding.

#2 – TEST IT

People are fallible. We all do our best to hear from God and speak what we have heard. But it’s possible for some parts of the prophesy to be wrong or inaccurate. That does not mean that the entire message is off base. It just means that we have to judge what to hold onto and what to place on the shelf. Gaining insight and confirmation from a mature spirit-filled leader in your life is an important next step.



I have found it important to document what was said. I keep a file of moments of prophesy over my life so that I can remember what God has said and celebrate when God brings the things proclaimed into fulfillment in my life.

#4 – PRAY IT

The other good purpose for writing it out is the ability to agree with what was said over you as you pray. So speak forth what God has prophesied to you as you pray. I typically write these ‘words’ out as a declarative statement: ‘I declare that God will …. (fill in the blank).’


Prophesy can often bring pressure. We feel that we have to perform so that we don’t fail to accomplish the ‘word’ that God has given, that now others might expect us to step into. Remember that prophesy is a declaration of what GOD IS GOING TO DO in your life. Yes, you have to act in obedience to his directives, but ultimately only He can bring it to pass.


Sometimes it may take years for certain words to come to pass. During season of fasting and prayer and at the beginning of every new year, it is good to return to those words and see where things stand. Come back into agreement and declare afresh what God has spoken.


When God brings it to pass in your life, don’t fail to give Him praise for being faithful to accomplish it in your life.

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