Ten Things To Do When Fasting

During this 31 Days Of Prayer – we are all adopting several personal challenges.  First, to pray 20 minutes a day every day throughout this month.  Second, to fast and pray at least one day (24 hours each week) – most of us are fasting on Wednesdays.  Finally, to join together with your church family in some type of corporate prayer and worship.

Fasting is one of the most difficult disciplines to apply.  So let me give you ten tips to help make it easier.

  1. Remember it’s about fasting and PRAYER.  So make sure you schedule extra time to pray.  Otherwise it becomes a day of ‘not eating’.
  2. Drink lots of liquids, especially water.
  3. Use your meal moments as seasons set aside to be with God.
  4. During at least one of those meal moments – spend time on scripture meditation.  Read a promise or passage slowly.  Consider what God is saying to you through those verses.
  5. Agree with someone on your fasting length (for accountability) and regarding your prayer requests.  Pray with them in person, over the phone, and in agreement for something specific.
  6. Get enough rest.  You will feel some degree of fatigue. So make sure you get some sleep the night before, or even take a nap during the day.
  7. Use your hunger pains as prayer prompts throughout the day.  When you feel hungry, let it remind you that you are really desperate for God to move.
  8. Remember that fasting does not earn an answer.  God answers prayer because He wants to and because Christ has made a way for us through the cross.  Fasting simply focuses us to pray more effectively.  It also raises our levels of spiritual discernment.  We pray and listen clearer.
  9. When you feel too tired to pray or listen–WORSHIP.  Praise and worship also is a practice that brings spiritual clarity.
  10. Remember, it’s more about PRAYER and less about not eating.
Kat Kelley