Vision & Values

Over the past number of weeks, I have been recognizing the importance of CULTURE as it relates to leadership and ministry.  Merriam-Webster defines ‘culture’ as, ‘a way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a group, family, or organization.’

My observation:  It is possible to have the right vision, and a solid strategy and yet fail to create a culture that reflects what we want to be.  I believe in that statement, ‘what we are is more important than what we do or how much we accomplish.’

Culture defines what we are.  Vision defines where we are going.  Strategy defines how we are going to get there.  Just like vision has to be pursued, and strategy has to be executed, culture has to be built one value at a time.


THE ONE- We want to have the eyes of Jesus to see the hurting, forgotten, broken, and disconnected from God. Our mission is simply love. If we go after the one everyone else overlooks, God will give us the ones everyone else wants.

KINGDOM FIRST – I put God’s problem first. If I care about God’s problems, he will care even about mine. We measure by Kingdom growth, not by church growth.

 BOOK OF ACTS LIFESTYLE – We want to see every aspect of the early church active in the way we do live, especially the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit giving evidence of the risen Jesus.

 DESIGNED FOR THE UNCHURCHED – We intentionally design our environments and experiences for those who are not yet followers of Jesus. We don’t compromise anything. We explain everything.

FAMILY-ORIENTED WITH A FOCUS ON THE NEXT GENERATION – We realize that the next generation is the most at risk of disconnecting with God and with the church. We also realize that they are the ripest harvest field. We live with the constant awareness, that we are always one generation away from extinction.

IT’S NOT WHAT WE DO, IT’S WHO WE SET INTO MOTION – Our primary role is to equip and release people into the work of the ministry. Jesus never focused on how many people attended His large events. He spent most of his time developing up a small group of world-changing leaders. This also affects how we see staff, not as employees, but as sons and daughters. We believe in people. We give them the chance to succeed and fail. We speak the truth in love and believe that He will use unlikely people to extraordinary things.

FUN –The primary way we do evangelism is to create an atmosphere of hospitality, food, and fun. We want to be like the ‘happenin house on the block’ where people not only feel welcome, they feel accepted just they way they are, and know that they can be themselves and have a good time.

When you think of the organization you lead, what are the values you are building upon?