So What’s The Plan?

In just a few short weeks, we will begin a brand new year.  As 2016, launches, we want to lead the way in starting the new year with a season of unified prayer and fasting.  We are calling this effort 31 Days Of Prayer.  So here’s the plan:

  1. Fasting Every Wednesday – every week during this month, I am going to fast from Tuesday after dinner until I eat dinner on Wednesday night.  I am encouraging as many people as possible to join me in that designated day of prayer.
  2. Praying Declarations Daily – every day during this month, I am going to be praying Biblical promises in the form of ‘prayer declarations’.  We want everyone to be praying these Biblical promises together.  There are two ways to do that.  The best way, is to use the PRAYING WITH CONFIDENCE book.  There are 31 different prayer-patterns based on God’s promises, so people can pray a new pattern every day.  A more basic (and FREE) approach is to use a new prayer declaration sheet for each new week.  You can download an example here..
  3. Fasting Seven Days – toward the end of the month, I am going to fast for an entire week (from Wednesday night, January 20th, through until Wednesday night, January 27th.
  4. Sacred Assembly – on the final Wednesday night of the month (January 27), Allison Park Church will host an evening prayer/worship event we call ‘sacred assembly’.  We base this gathering on the OT practice of the three moments every year that the people of Israel were to gather together and present themselves to God.  The challenge I present for my people is to make this the on event in the year where we have our largest crowd.  Too often people show up for picnics and skip prayer meetings.  This is a time to challenge them to change that.
  5. Weekend Message Series – one way to make the most of the month is to preach on prayer during your messages throughout the weekend.  I am currently preaching through this series at APC.  By the second week of December, all of these resources will be available to you:  message transcripts, graphics, powerpoint slides, video bumpers, prayer declaration handouts, and more.

I will be scheduling a conference call for all pastors and leaders, several times throughout the month of December, to answer any questions that might arise as to how to make this month of prayer most effective together.

Kat Kelley