When You Wanna Give Up?

As of yesterday, Mel and I are just ten weeks away from running in our first half-marathon.  Now, I have talked to so many of you who have taken on this kind of a challenge and even gone way beyond.  Your encouragement to keep on training and stay focused has been greatly appreciated.

You know what they say, ‘Life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon!’ …or in this case a half-marathon. 🙂

But the principles involved in endurance are true regardless.  With whatever lasting life change we seek to make, we need the following:

#1 – A VISION – we need a goal that we are shooting to achieve.   Next month, we start a new cycle of the BIG LIFE JOURNEY to help you clarify what God’s vision for your life looks like.  Many of us reviewed together, in January, what we wanted our life to look like in 2014.  Keep the vision clear and constantly in front of you.

#2 – A PLAN – we need a structure to help us train.  Those with a vision to stay sober need the 12 steps and a good Celebrate Recovery Group.  Those with a vision to grow spiritually need a devotional plan for Bible reading and prayer.

#3 – A COACH – we all need someone who is has succeeded where we want to grow.  We need their input, encouragement and example to sustain the vision and pursue the plan.

#4 – A COMMUNITY – we need accountability, encouragement and support.  This is what we invest our time in SMALL GROUPS because we want Allison Park Church to be more than just a religious event – we want it to be FAMILY.  We want to know each other, pray for one another, celebrate one another, and cry with one another.  This is the last week of the GOD IN MOTION small group studies and then each area starts a brand new study together.

#5 – A FOCUS – our goal is not PERFECTION it is PROGRESS.  So don’t give up.  Don’t let a bad day or a bad week stop you.  Get your eyes back on the prize.  Re-engage with the vision and the plan.  Get reconnected to your support network.

Allison Park Church wants to be part of the recipe for you being able to reach your fullest potential as a person (to live the Big Life that God intends for you to live).  This weekend, we start into the QUESTIONS OF THE HEART series and we will tackle popular culture songs and the questions they pose.

This week will be about how to get over a broken heart!  Invite someone who needs hope.

Kat Kelley