How To Get More Out Of It?

Ever been in a church service, hear an inspiring or relevant thought, and then wonder, ‘how do I make this work in my every day life?’  or maybe you have thought, ‘that is such a great thought, why do I struggle so hard to actually believe it!?!’

Sometimes we need more than a sermon!

I know that is a strange thing to say for someone who prepares and delivers them all of the time.  But it is true.  If we want a truth to imbed in our lives, we need more than just to hear a talk that inspires or instructs us.


As we review the concept, the truth works its way into us.  Currently, in the series that we are in (GOD IN MOTION) we have a companion book that was written and reinforces the weekend messages.  Read the book and think about the truth that we are all focusing on that week.

Another way to think on a truth you want to learn is to JOURNAL.  Take a verse of Scripture and sit down and write out your thoughts on what this verse means to you.


Another way that a truth works its way into our lives is by interacting with others regarding it.   We are recommending that everyone join a small group for the next five weeks so that we can learn from each other.  Something great happens when we hear testimony from other believers about how God has been at work in their lives.

It also helps to know that we are not alone in our doubts, questions, and struggles.  And then to pray for each other as we walk out this journey together.


Nothing really takes root in our lives until we go from hearing to doing.  So we need to be asking God the question, ‘Now that I understand this thought – what do you want me to do with it?’  When we start to obey what God has instructed us to do, then we truly begin to walk down the path toward personal transformation.

Kat Kelley