What Makes An Effective Church?

Over the years, I have taught about an important balance that is necessary for a healthy and effective church.  This may be oversimplifying things a bit – but I see three main factors that must be released and emphasized for a church work according to God’s plan.

  1. Bible – God’s Word must be the center of what we preach and teach and the basis for how we live our lives.  It’s not our ideas that bring transformation – it is the truth of God’s Word.
  2. Holy Spirit – the power of God does not come from programs, talents, or strategies or effort.  The church in the book of Acts was propelled forward in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  3. Body Of Christ – every member has to be mobilized for the Kingdom of God to advance.  There is an incredible force released in the world when the Pastors equip – and the people are prepared and released to do ministry in their world.

All three of these factors must be in proper emphasis or the church will become imbalanced and out of whack.  For instance:

  • God’s WordPreached + Body Released – Holy Spirit Empowered =POWERLESSNESS
  • Holy Spirit Empowered + Body Released – God’s Word Preached = WEIRDNESS
  • God’s Word Preached + Holy Spirit Empowered – Body Released =MOTIONLESSNESS
  • God’s Word Preached + Holy SpiritEmpowered + Body Released =EFFECTIVENESS

In the first equation, you end up with a church that feels dead and is somewhat powerless.  In the second equation you end up with a church that is flaky or maybe dangerously close tofalse doctrine.  In the third equation you end up with a church that is a fantastic show. Great worship, preaching and flowing in the Holy Spirit – with little impact on the world at large.

But the emphasis of all three – brings proper health, balance, and impact.

What do you think?  Am I missing anything?

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